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NFT Community

Bored Board
Boating Club

Exclusive NFT Club Only on the Stellar Network

Current Floor Price: 
500 $XLM


The Club

The Bored Board Boating Club (BBBC) is filled with only the highest quality boards that are full of extreme boredom. Board Members are added through winning official BBBC auctions on Litemint.

Each Bored Board is a unique 1 of 1 NFT designed by Sir Cheesely on Litemint designed to build a fun community on the Stellar Network who have an appreciation for only the finest art in the crypto space. 

View the NFTs at the following link: Bored Board Collection 

"Board Members" gain access to benefits including:

  • Random airdrops from Stellar token projects

  • Random digital collectible (multi-mint) airdrops

  • Access to exclusive social media groups and channels

  • More exciting surprises through 2022.




Q1/Q2 2022
  • Release the first phase of 100 Unique Bored Board NFTs (pending demand) - These are not auto-generated or computer generated. NFTs are obtained through Litemint Auctions on a periodic basis.

  • Establish general social media channels for the project.

  • Obtain at least 1 Stellar Project "Sponsor" to provide random airdrops to Bored Board Boating Club members.

  • Establish secret social media channels for BBBC members and invite all NFT holders to join the secret "Board Member" channels.

Q3/Q4 2022
  • Continue NFT releases through Litemint Auctions.

  • If 100 Boards are sold, begin the "Phase 2" Bored Board NFTs.

  • Obtain at least 2 additional Stellar Project "Sponsors" to provide random airdrops to Bored Board Boating Club members.

  • Obtain artwork from popular Stellar artists to provide digital collectibles via airdrop to Bored Board members.

  • Collaborations with at least one other Stellar NFT project for the benefit of Bored Board NFT members.

Short-Term Milestones

5 Board Members: Unlock the Private Board Member-Only Telegram Chat​

10 Board Members: First Surprise Airdrop to All Members

25 Board Members: First Token Airdrop from a Surprise Sponsor

50 Board Members: Celebratory "Board Box" Airdrop (Sponsor Tokens + Collectibles)

100 Board Members: Celebratory Web-Browser Video Game, and awarding the title "Chair of the Board" to the person holding the most Bored Boards. Then, begin "Phase 2" - Boards 101 through 1,000. 

Official Reward Token

To celebrate 40 Bored Boards sold, a rewards token has been minted that will be distributed exclusively to Bored Board Members. These rewards tokens will be used for special purposes similar to rewards points programs.

View on Stellar Expert Here

Official Token Name: BoredBoard


Total Tokens Minted: 5,000,000

Board Token Img.jpg


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